Lotus Biscoff is a caramelised biscuit with a unique taste and crunchiness! The distinctive caramelised taste of Lotus Biscoff is appreciated by young and old all over the world, perfect as a snack or your coffee’s favourite companion. More than just a biscuit, you can also enjoy the great taste of the biscuits in a jar in spread format, savoured by everyone, whenever you enjoy a slice of breads. Chefs and cooks all over the world use the Lotus Biscoff biscuit and spreads as an ingredient for delicious desserts, like tiramisu or Lotus Biscoff mousse.

The story of Lotus Biscoff starts in 1932 in a local bakery in Lembeke, a Belgian town. The unique recipe was honed to perfection with carefully selected natural ingredients. Today, Lotus Bakeries is still family-owned and based in its hometown. And from there, the tasteful biscuit continues to conquer the world. Stuart Alexander & Co. has worked with Lotus Bakeries since 2018, and has primary responsibility for its marketing, sales and distribution of the Lotus Biscoff range throughout Australia.

Lotus Biscoff Products

The most popular Biscoff products include the Original Caramelised Biscuits, which are available in several sizes including the Lotus Biscoff Classic Biscuits 300 Pack, or the Lotus Biscoff Classic Biscuits 250g pack or the Biscoff Spreads available in Lotus Biscoff Smooth Spread and Lotus Biscoff Crunchy Spread. The spread is perfect used simply as a toast spread or dip for fruit, or get more inventive and incorporate into your baking, desserts or even drinks to create a delicious Biscoff creation such as Biscoff Cheesecake, Biscoff Brownies or Biscoff Lattes! In need of inspo? Find more biscoff recipes on the blog.

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