Flavour of the Month: Cherry Blossom

Spotlight on: Monin Cherry Blossom

Now that Spring has Sprung - we are thinking about enjoying drinks outdoors in the warmer weather. Our Monin Le Sirop Flavour of the Month is Cherry Blossom
This Monin Cherry Blossom Syrup is a delightful choice if you are seeking to infuse your beverages or desserts with the delicate and floral essence of cherry blossoms. Monin Cherry Blossom is a versatile and captivating companion with gentle floral notes and subtle sweetness, creating a unique and memorable experience for your customers and clients using the National Flower of Japan. 

MONIN is a family owned, French business established in 1912. MONIN syrups are gourmet flavoured syrups that add exceptional flavour to drinks of all imaginations.

PRO TIP: To not overpower the taste, don't mix it with too many ingredients. We recommend using Cherry Blossom in Martini drinks (vodka or gin) with a touch of lemon which enhances its delicate flavour. Perfect as a refreshing after-dinner drink.
15 ml MONIN Cherry Blossom syrup
10 ml MONIN White Grape syrup
100 ml chamomile tea

1. Combine MONIN flavourings into a glass
2. Add a dash of soda and mix well
3. Fill the glass with ice and top it up with tea
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