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Look no further, we've got an extensive collection of candy, lollies and share bags to prepare for the upcoming holiday seasons! We've created a collection of our best Halloween lollies for you in one easy place for you to shop at ease. Stock up now and be prepared for Halloween! Log into your account for wholesale access.

Trick or Treat with our collection of Halloween Candy, Lollies and more. Shop from our range of wholesale and bulk selection! This bewitching assortment is designed to enchant both small businesses and party planners alike. Featuring spine-tingling classics like individually wrapped Mentos, Chupa Chups lollipops, sour straps, lolly bags, share bags, Hershey's & Reese's chocolate bars and more. Whether you're hosting a haunted house or running a retail store, our Halloween Candy Collection is your one-stop shop for creating a memorable and deliciously spooky experience. Stock up now and watch your customers shriek with delight as they indulge in these hauntingly delightful treats. Don't miss out on the chance to make this Halloween unforgettable with our devilishly delicious candy selection! Our most popular products for the Halloween season includes Chupa Chups Lollipops, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey's Cookies & Creme Bars. These Halloween lollies, candy and confectionery are sure to be a perfect hit for your party, birthday event, office or clients or corporate gift. Shop with Stuart Alexander for all your bulk and wholesale confectionery needs, and get quick speedy delivery to your home or business address. Whether you are looking for birthday parties, kid's events, corporate functions, wedding or client offerings - we've got something for every occasion. Shop online easily today and get free shipping on Australian orders $250+. Access wholesale pricing by creating an account and logging in here.

As we all know Halloween is just around the corner. It's that time of year when ghouls and goblins come out to play, and sweet treats take centre stage. Whether you're a retailer preparing for the spooky season or a wholesale buyer looking to stock up on delightful delights, our Halloween candy share bags featuring beloved brands like Chupa Chups, Mentos, Guylian, Reese's, Hershey's, and Werther's are the perfect way to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Why Choose Halloween Candy Share Bags?

* Convenience: These share bags are pre-packaged, making it easy to distribute candy to trick-or-treaters, party guests, or customers.
* Variety: With a mix of popular brands, you can cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.
* Cost-Effective: Buying in bulk saves money, making it an ideal choice for wholesalers and retailers.

Our Halloween candy share bags featuring Chupa Chups, Mentos, Guylian, Reese's, Hershey's, and Werther's are a spookylicious treat for wholesale and retail customers alike. With a variety of flavors and options to choose from, you can ensure your Halloween season is filled with sweet success. Stock up now and get ready to delight your customers with these Halloween classics!

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Chupa Chups Megatin, 1000 LollipopsChupa Chups Megatin, 1000 Lollipops
Chupa Chups Chupa Chups Megatin, 1000 Lollipops
Sale price$260.00
In stock, 2715 units
Chupa Chups XXL Trio, 20 LollipopsChupa Chups XXL Trio, 20 Lollipops
Chupa Chups Chupa Chups XXL Trio, 20 Lollipops
Sale price$23.00
In stock, 8636 units
miniMentos Mini Rainbow Bag 120g (Box of 11)
Mentos Mentos Mini Rainbow Bag 120g (Box of 11)
Sale price$30.00
In stock, 3067 units
Reese's Wafer Sticks 42g (Box of 20)Reese's Wafer Sticks 42g (Box of 20)
Reese's Reese's Wafer Sticks 42g (Box of 20)
Sale price$50.00
In stock, 44227 units