Why the Monin Syrup range is an essential for all your beverage and dessert needs!

At Stuart Alexander, we have an extensive MONIN range with 85 different syrups available to elevate your next menu. Spring floral flavours such as Monin Rose Syrup, Monin Violet Syrup, Monin Lavender Syrup, Monin Elder flower Syrup and Monin Cherry Blossom Syrup can bring life to your seasonal drink or baking concept.

The range also includes more innovative flavours such as Monin Butterfly Pea Syrup, Monin Hibiscus Syrup and Monin Lemon Rantcho Syrup, which can be used to enhance and add depth of flavour to drinks that can be paired with all types of cuisines.

MONIN is a family owned, French business established in 1912. MONIN syrups are gourmet flavoured syrups that add exceptional flavour to drinks of all imaginations.

Monin syrups will give an authentic and consistent flavour profile every use. Glass bottle packaging and flash pasteurization allows the product to have a shelf-life of up to 36 months.

For more information on the Monin Syrup range and how it can support your hospitality venue, contact your Stuart Alexander representative or browse the whole range here. To purchase in bulk or wholesale - shop Monin at Stuart Alexander today.



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