Originating in Spain in 1958, the Chupa Chups brand was bought by Perfetti van Melle in 2006.

Stuart Alexander & Co. has managed the Chupa Chups brand since 2011 – with responsibility for distribution across grocery, impulse, and wholesale channels in Australia.
A well-loved and highly recognised brand around the world, Chupa Chups is the number 1 selling lollipop in Australia.

Chupa Chups are available in a range of flavours including Cola, Strawberry & Cream, Strawberry, Watermelon, Vanilla, Choco Vanilla, Grape, Raspberry, and Lemonade.
In addition to the original single sticks, Chupa Chups also come in large party packs along with an exciting novelty range.

Chupa Chups Products

Step into a world of sweetness with Chupa Chups, where lollipop delights take centre stage. From timeless classics to innovative chews, our collection is a celebration of joy and flavour.

Picture this: a Chupa Chups Megatin boasting a thousand lollipops, a treasure chest of endless sweetness for true enthusiasts. Explore the perfect blend of sweet and tangy with Chupa Chups Sour Bites Candies – a zesty adventure in every box of 8.

For those seeking variety, our Chupa Chups Best of Lollipops tube offers 100 curated flavours in a vibrant journey of taste. Or dive into the Chupa Chups XXL Trio – 20 lollipops, each a unique delight for any occasion.

Share the chewy goodness with the Chupa Chups Incredible Chew Share Bag – a 175g box of 12, ensuring there's plenty to spread the joy. Immerse yourself in the sweet symphony of Chupa Chups Strawberry Melody Lollipops – a box of 48 to keep the melody playing all day.

Experience the effervescence of Chupa Chups 3D Fizzy Drinks Lollipops – a 90g box of 8 that brings the fun and fizz to your sweet moments. And for those who crave a chewy burst of fruity delight, there's Chupa Chups Incredible Chew Apple, Grape, Strawberry and Cola – each in a 45g box of 20.

And let's not forget our Chupa Chups Best of Lollipops in a 50 Lollipop Box, the perfect mix for those who want a bit of everything. Share the joy with Chupa Chups Sour Bites in a 242g bag (Box of 8), express yourself with the Chupa Chups Faces Bags in a 210g box (Box of 5), or dive into the Chupa Chups Crazy Dips Sour 12u Bag – a 108g box of 4 for an adventure in sour goodness.

Complete your journey with the Chupa Chups Best of Lollipops in 25u (300g, Box of 6) and Chupa Chups 96g (Box of 9), explore a Chupa Chups Mix of Minis in a 290g bag (Box of 5), or savour the Chupa Chups Best Of Mini Tube with 50 delightful lollipops (Box of 6).

Looking for a delightful gift? The Chupa Chups Bouquet, featuring 19 handpicked lollipops in a charming arrangement, is the perfect choice.

Explore the diverse world of Chupa Chups, where every lollipop is a moment of pure joy. Order now and let the sweetness unfold in every colourful pop!

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Chupa Chups Megatin, 1000 LollipopsChupa Chups Megatin, 1000 Lollipops
Chupa Chups Chupa Chups Megatin, 1000 Lollipops
Sale price$260.00
In stock, 2715 units
Chupa Chups Best of Lollipops, 100 Lollipop TubeChupa Chups Best of Lollipops, 100 Lollipop Tube
Chupa Chups Chupa Chups Best of Lollipops, 100 Lollipop Tube
Sale price$38.00
In stock, 11471 units
Chupa Chups XXL Trio, 20 LollipopsChupa Chups XXL Trio, 20 Lollipops
Chupa Chups Chupa Chups XXL Trio, 20 Lollipops
Sale price$23.00
In stock, 8636 units
Chupa Chups Bouquet, 19 LollipopsChupa Chups Bouquet, 19 Lollipops
Chupa Chups Chupa Chups Bouquet, 19 Lollipops
Sale price$25.00
In stock, 6808 units