The History of “The Great American Chocolate Bar”

Milton S. Hershey introduced the soon-to-be iconic milk chocolate bar in 1900. Chocolate was a treat once reserved for the wealthy, but Milton S, Hershey sought to make his candy an affordable treat for anyone to enjoy. When inventing Hershey’s, Milton developed a unique formula using the secret “Hershey process”, which became an instant hit throughout America and the world.

Today, Hershey’s is a world leading confectionery brand with products across chocolate, syrups and baking. Hershey’s brings its mouth-watering deliciousness to over 90 countries.

Where is Hershey's chocolate made?
The Hershey Company corporate offices sit in Hershey, Pennsylvania where full-size HERSHEY’S milk chocolate bars, HERSHEY’S KISSES milk chocolates, and other HERSHEY’S products are also manufactured. 


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