SteviaSweet offers a great tasting 100% Natural low calorie sweetening alternative to sugar. Manufactured by Swiss-based Hermes Sweeteners Ltd, SteviaSweet was the first 100% Natural Low Calorie Sweetener brand to be launched in Australia, back in 2010. SteviaSweet products are made using a naturally sweet calorie-free extract from the stevia plant, and they are available in Granulated, Tablet, Sachet, and Liquid product formats for a wide variety of uses in place of sugar, including in hot and cold drinks, for cooking, baking, and sprinkling.

Stuart Alexander & Co. has worked with Hermes Sweeteners Ltd, a privately-owned specialist Swiss food company, since 2014, and has primary responsibility for its product sales in Australia through grocery and other channels.

Stevia Sweet Products

Embark on a journey of guilt-free sweetness with Stevia, where each product is a testament to the brand's dedication to providing a natural and delightful sugar substitute. Explore our diverse range of Stevia sweeteners, thoughtfully crafted for your various preferences.

Immerse yourself in the natural sweetness of Stevia with Agave in a convenient liquid form. The 125ml bottle (Box of 6) ensures you have a versatile sweetener for beverages, desserts, or any culinary creation. Elevate your recipes with the natural goodness of Stevia in a granulated form. The 75g jars (Box of 6) offer a versatile sweetening option for sprinkling, baking, or enhancing the sweetness of your favourite dishes.

Experience sweetness without the calories with Stevia Sweetener Tablets. The 220 Tablets pack (Box of 6) provides a convenient and portable solution for your on-the-go sweetening needs. Enjoy sweetness in every sachet with Stevia Sweet Granulated Sweetener. The 50 Sachets pack (Box of 12) ensures you have a convenient and portioned sweetener for your beverages or recipes.

Immerse yourself in the pure sweetness of Stevia, thoughtfully crafted for your well-being. Order now and experience the delicious natural sweetness without compromise!

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