A global iconic brand with a rich heritage, there are over 5 billion Fisherman’s Friend mints and lozenges sold each year around the world.

Fisherman’s Friend mints was created in 1865 when James Lofthouse, an English pharmacist developed a menthol and eucalyptus liquid for fishermen to take on board trips to the North Atlantic. As it was difficult to take liquid in glass bottles on board ships, Lofthouse developed a lozenge.

Stuart Alexander & Co. has had full management of sales distribution across multiple retail channels, account management with retailers and full management of marketing for the Fisherman’s Friend brand in Australia since 2003.

In Australia, Fisherman’s Friend mints and lozenges are sold in Grocery (Woolworths & Coles), Petrol & Convenience, Impulse stores and selected Pharmacies.

Fisherman's Friend Products

Embark on a comforting journey with Fisherman's Friend, where each product is a testament to the brand's dedication to crafting invigorating lozenges and mints. In our diverse collection, discover the perfect blend of soothing relief and delightful flavours, available in convenient 25g packs (Box of 12 each).

Indulge in the timeless strength of Fisherman's Friend Original Strong Lozenges, ensuring you have a robust and classic companion in every box. For a sugar-free twist, explore the Fisherman's Friend Blackcurrant, Honey Lemon, and Citrus Lozenges, each in a 25g pack (Box of 12). These delightful lozenges provide sweet relief in a variety of fruity flavours.

For a breath of freshness, dive into the invigorating Fisherman's Friend Spearmint and Peppermint Sugar Free Mints. These convenient mints, available in 25g packs (Box of 12 each), offer a cool and refreshing sensation for your senses.

Immerse yourself in the unique and comforting flavour of Fisherman's Friend Aniseed Lozenges, ensuring you have a distinctive lozenge ready whenever you seek a moment of calm.

Experience the symphony of soothing relief and delightful flavours with Fisherman's Friend. Order now and let the comforting orchestration of lozenges and mints bring relief to your senses!

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