Hotel Starlino’s range of aperitifs take inspiration from the historic architecture of Torino in northern Italy. Crafted at the Torino Distillati, The Hotel Starlino Rosso Vermouth, Rosé Aperitivo and Arancione Aperitivo are a modern take on the classic Italian aperitif.  The Rosso Vermouth is crafted from Italian wine and blended with botanicals then aged in Bourbon barrels for a smooth, rich warm and spicy aroma and flavour. 

The Rose Aperitivo is a light and fresh with luscious pink grapefruit, elderflower and thyme notes while the Arancione Aperitivo combines natural sweet orange, coriander and angelica ideal for a summer spritz drink.  

There are many ways to enjoy the Hotel Starlino range, including mixed with tonic, soda, sparkling wine or on the rocks. 

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