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Our Values

We recently conducted a series of workshops with our team to update our Company Values. We wanted our values to better reflect how we work day to day, how we work with each other and how we do business.

Our values are:

Be Brave
We're a small business so we can be agile and bold. We are trusted and empowered to try, to risk, to question, challenge, discuss and decide.
Own It
We work together to do the right thing, we take responsibility for our actions and outcomes, we own our decisions, and we learn from mistakes.
Share It
We share our knowledge, information and experience, our friendship, our time, the company's history and our key learnings.
Say It Simply
We communicate clearly, honestly, respectfully and simply.
We care about ourselves, our colleagues, our careers, our brands and the community.

Sounds like our values align? Then join our team.